106 billion for allies: Republicans want changes and endanger plan

The Biden administration is proposing to provide $106 billion in emergency aid to address various international hot spots. Much of the proposed package would benefit Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan and help address the migration crisis at the US border. But there is resistance from Republican senators.

61 billion intended for Ukraine

Loud “Wall Street Journal“$61 billion will go to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel for security needs and $9 billion in humanitarian aid to both conflict hotspots. Other items in the proposal include $2 billion for Indo-Pacific security and $14 billion to support border security.

Ukraine billions – Republicans are skeptical

There is broad consensus in Congress to support Israel. However, “Ukrainian Pravda“Some Republicans are skeptical about funding for Ukraine. Some would prefer to provide weapons rather than humanitarian aid. The parties also do not agree on the issue of illegal immigration. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing for changes to the administration’s proposal.

Republican objections

Senator Tom Cotton, a close ally of McConnell, called the proposal unacceptable. In particular, he rejected $3.5 billion in support for potential needs in Gaza because, in his opinion, these funds could go to Hamas. Furthermore, Cotton did not want to agree to the proposed $11.8 billion for non-war-related spending by the Ukrainian government and $4.7 billion for immigrant detention in the United States.

Nine Republicans must approve the bill

To get the bill through the Senate, 60 votes are needed. This means that in addition to all Democrats, at least nine Republicans would have to agree. Some Republicans, including Sen. Rick Scott, argue for separating aid to Israel from support for Ukraine, saying the latter has become unpopular with some Republicans.

Historical meaning

US President Joe Biden emphasized the historic significance of the moment in a speech and criticized the actions of Hamas and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He will soon submit an “urgent budget request” to Congress to support Israel and Ukraine during the war.

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