200 kilometers from Moscow, Prigozhin announces retreat – the route of the convoy

The Wagner mercenary group marched across Russia towards Moscow with the aim of overthrowing Russian President Vladimir Putin. Shortly before the capital, however, Chief Prigozhin announced his withdrawal. An overview of the route of the convoy.

According to observers, the Wagner convoy was around 50 kilometers long and crossed Russia towards Moscow.

As the governor of the Lipetsk Oblast confirmed on Saturday afternoon, the convoy was still around 360 kilometers from Moscow. When he announced the retreat of the Wagner mercenaries, Prigozhin said his fighters were within 200 kilometers of Moscow.

Map shows the Wagner mercenaries moving to Moscow

Visualizations by military observers and experts show more precisely how the convoy pulled. A simple tool for this: Google Maps.

Because: Google Maps shows the road closures across Russia, showing the route that the Wagner convoy took to the retreat. There you can see how a nearly straight line of roadblocks led from Voronezh to Moscow.

Finnish military expert Emil Kastehelmi visualized the Wagner group’s route to Voronezh on Saturday afternoon. The map shows that the convoy moved in a straight line south towards Voronezh not far from the Russian-held territories in Ukraine.

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