400 million package: Pistorius promises these weapons to Ukraine

In conversation with the “Picture“-newspaper, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius revealed that there will be a new arms package from Germany to Ukraine. “We are supplying additional ammunition: explosive ammunition, mortar ammunition, mine rockets,” he explained. “In addition, we will help with protected vehicles and mine clearance systems.” In view of the approaching winter, clothing as well as electricity and heat generators will also be sent to Ukraine. “In total, the package will be worth 400 million euros,” said Pistorius.

Pistorius: No German Taurus delivery to Ukraine for the time being

It has “not yet been decided” whether the federal government will soon send Taurus cruise missiles. According to Pistorius, every arms delivery must be “carefully considered”. Germany’s strength lies in its Leopard tanks and the IRIS T SLM air defense system, which, according to Pistorius, saves lives in Ukraine every day.

Asked whether he feared Ukraine could use the Taurus to attack targets in Russia, Pistorius said there was a “procedure.” It is contractually regulated “how delivered weapon systems are used”. Whether the complicated Taurus missiles could be used on site without the help of Bundeswehr soldiers is also “among the questions we are clarifying”.

According to Pistorius, German support for flight training is “currently not planned”. When it comes to aid, Germany is concentrating “on artillery, air defense, armored combat vehicles and engineer capabilities.” There is also a focus on supply. “We support with what we are good at and what Ukraine needs most,” said Pistorius.

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