90 kilos lighter: “Roseanne” star John Goodman slim on the red carpet

Hollywood star John Goodman has completely changed his lifestyle in recent years and is now slimmer than ever on the red carpet.

Actor John Goodman (71) used to be a real heavyweight. But in recent years he has lost 90 kilograms – and he is maintaining his weight. He came to the 62nd Monte-Carlo TV Festival on Tuesday evening (June 20) in top form.

In 13 years he has halved his weight

At the Nymphe d’Or awards ceremony, for which he acted as jury president, the former Roseanne star showed off his new figure in a tailored black suit and bow tie. As reported by the British “Daily Mail”, the actor vowed back in 2007 to rethink his lifestyle and lose weight. At that time he swore off alcohol. But the yo-yo effect struck again and again. In 2010 he had reached his personal upper limit of just under 180 kilograms.

Then he started to change his habits – first by reducing the number of meals he eats. His personal trainer eventually introduced a Mediterranean eating plan that Goodman is said to have followed strictly for years. He mainly eats fish, nuts, olive oil, vegetables and fruit.

He also exercises six days a week, takes 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day, and uses an elliptical bike and treadmill. In 2016, the actor explained that he was trying to lose weight slowly: “I took it slow. I just wanted to change my lifestyle.” It’s an ongoing process for the rest of his life.

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