A hail of rockets is followed by a cyber attack: Crimea in Ukraine’s crosshairs

After the Ukrainian attack on the Russian naval headquarters in Crimea, the peninsula is experiencing an intense digital threat. As fire rages in Sevastopol, experts are fighting against widespread cyber attacks.

After Ukrainian forces targeted the Russian naval headquarters in Crimea, Russian sources reported a full-scale cyberattack on the peninsula. According to officials, this digital offensive primarily targeted local internet service providers. Oleg Kriuchkov, an adviser to the Crimean governor, informed about the incident on Telegram and noted that the technical problems on the Internet are being resolved. However, he did not make a direct connection between the missile and cyber attacks. “We are in the process of fixing the Internet glitches on the peninsula,” emphasized Oleg Kriuchkov.

Missile attack sets Black Sea Fleet on fire

Fire outbreak in Sevastopol Before the cyber attack, Russian authorities in Crimea reported a Ukrainian missile attack on the center of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on the peninsula. As a result, a fire broke out at the naval headquarters in Sevastopol, Sevastopol District Governor Mikhail Razvoshayev announced online. Investigations into possible victims of the attack are ongoing. The Defense Ministry in Moscow said five rockets had been shot down by air defense.

Ukraine War – Voices and Developments – Russians report cyber attack on Crimea – after attack on Black Sea Fleet

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