A joke with consequences: Sunak is reported to the police in Scotland

The political waves in Scotland are running high, particularly with regard to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. According to a report by “telegraphRishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, was reported to Scottish police after he suggested Sturgeon could go to prison during his speech at the Tory conference.

A joke with consequences

Chris McEleny, general secretary of the Alba party, has lodged a complaint against Sunak following these comments. He accuses him of contempt of court because, despite Nicola Sturgeon being questioned as a “suspect” in an investigation into the SNP’s finances, she was released without charge and has denied any wrongdoing. McEleny points out that in Scotland contempt proceedings can begin after an arrest, not after a charge.

A prime minister under criticism

As the Telegraph further reports, Sunak used his keynote speech at the Tory conference not only to send political messages about the strength of the Union, but also to mock the police investigation into the SNP’s finances, which caused amusement among conference participants . However, McEleny sees this as a serious matter that leaves no room for interference from the Prime Minister while the public awaits the facts from Police Scotland’s investigation.

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