A Ukrainian commander is said to be behind the Nord Stream explosion

The man’s name is Roman Chervynsky, he is 48 years old and was a member of the special units of the Ukrainian secret services for many years. He is said to have taken part in many daring maneuvers, for example a fake recruitment of Wagner mercenaries.

Now Chervynsky is coming into the spotlight for a different issue. According to joint research by “Spiegel” and “Washington Post”, he is said to have played a key role in blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.

That was over a year ago. In September 2022, three of four strands of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 Baltic Sea pipelines were damaged by explosions. There were various rumors circulating about who was behind the attacks.

Nord Stream explosion: Chervynsky is said to have been the “coordinator”.

Now there seems to be light in the darkness. Like from one Report from “Spiegel” As can be seen, Tschervynsky is said to have acted as the “coordinator” of the attacks and was responsible for the logistics of the sabotage squad made up of specialists.

In Ukrainian and international security circles, the name “Chervynsky” appears in connection with the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines. It is the clearest indication yet that Ukrainian perpetrators could be behind the blowing up of the gas pipelines.

The Dutch military intelligence service and the CIA are said to have known about a planned attack as early as June 2022. This allegedly came from a group that reported “immediately” to the Ukrainian Chief of General Staff Valeriy Zalushnyj.

However, Salushnyi denied any responsibility for the pipeline blast in an interview with The Washington Post. He assured a high-ranking US military official that Ukraine had “nothing at all” to do with the attacks.

Chervynsky denies any involvement in the attacks

Chervynsky, who is said to have served in a volunteer unit of the Ukrainian special forces at the time, also denied any guilt. Upon request, his lawyer told “Spiegel” and the “Washington Post” that indications of his involvement were “Russian propaganda.”

As the news magazine further reports, the Federal Prosecutor General, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Police are said to have additional leads that point to Ukraine. The name “Tscherwynsky” is already known to some federal authorities.

In Germany, too, investigations are underway for unconstitutional sabotage and other crimes in connection with the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipelines – currently against unknown persons.

It remains to be seen whether Chervynsky really participated as a “coordinator” in the Nord Stream blasts. The 48-year-old is definitely not a blank slate.

As the “Spiegel” report shows, he is said to have worked for the Ukrainian domestic secret service SBU and the military intelligence service GUR for years.

Chervynsky is said to have taken part in spectacular actions

Chervynsky was therefore involved in various spectacular actions. For example, he is said to have helped kidnap the separatist Vladimir Tsemakh. He was allegedly involved in the shooting down of aircraft MH17.

Chervynsky is currently in custody in Kiev because he is said to have exceeded his authority. In the summer of 2022, the now 48-year-old apparently wanted to persuade a Russian fighter pilot to defect, but without consultation.

Instead of switching sides, however, the pilot passed on the coordinates of the landing site. Russian soldiers launched an attack that left several Ukrainians dead. Chervynsky is now being blamed for this. According to “Spiegel”, the trial makes him one of the “most controversial secret service agents in the country”.

The ex-secret service agent describes the proceedings as politically motivated. In the past, he had repeatedly criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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