According to experts, Harry & Meghan should not travel to England for Christmas

At the beginning of 2020, Prince Harry (39) and Duchess Meghan (42) announced their withdrawal from the royal environment. Since then, they have built a new life with their two children Archie (4) and Lilibet (2) in Montecito, California (USA). The word about this year’s Christmas is that – similar to last year – the family will stay in their American home instead of traveling to the UK.

Expert is sure that if Harry & Meghan travel to Great Britain it will cause “stress and potential conflicts”.

Relationship expert Louella Alderson explains to “” that this is probably the best decision for everyone involved because the tension between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family is still simply too great: “Their decision not to spend Christmas together spend reflects this strained relationship. This is probably the best decision for everyone because it allows them to spend the holidays with their respective families without the added pressure of repairing their relationship.”

Although you actually spend the Christmas season with your family or people who are close to each other come together, the expert emphasizes that in this case “there is additional stress and potential conflicts” and the relationship between the individual parties could be “further damaged”. . “By choosing to spend the holidays apart, they are giving themselves the opportunity to have a peaceful celebration with their loved ones,” explains Louella Alderson in an interview with

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan can “create special Christmas memories in the USA, without distractions or conflicts”

While it will certainly be sad for Archie and Lilibet not to see their grandparents over the holidays, “their parents probably made this decision in their best interests. As long as they are surrounded by love and positivity, they will have a happy holiday season,” explains the relationship expert. She adds that this is probably the best way for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan to focus on “creating special Christmas memories as a family, without outside distractions or conflicts.”

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