Actors strike continues: Jason Sudeikis and Susan Sarandon demonstrate

Many actors joined the big actors’ strike on the first day and took up their posts in Los Angeles and New York. Stars like Jason Sudeikis and Susan Sarandon are also among the demonstrators.

It’s the biggest labor dispute in Hollywood in decades. Actors picketed outside film and television studios in Los Angeles and New York City on Friday (July 14). Hollywood star Jason Sudeikis (47) was also among the demonstrators in the Big Apple.

Negotiations for new contract failed

The “Ted Lasso” actor demonstrated in front of the NBC building in New York on the first full day of the actors’ strike. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the police moved in briefly to herd hundreds of strikers behind barricades. The crowd then demonstrated peacefully to music by Beyoncé and Sister Sledge.

The actors went on strike after negotiations with studios and streaming providers failed over a new deal. The actors’ union SAG-AFTRA calls for better remuneration and regulations for the use of artificial intelligence (AI). “The issues they don’t even discuss are the most important issues and if we don’t solve them now, if we don’t deal with them now streaming If we don’t deal with AI now, there will be no solution,” said actress Susan Sarandon (67), who also protested in New York.

Demonstration leads to the Netflix building

In Los Angeles, the protesters moved to Netflix-Building. Sean Gunn (49), who became known for his role as Kirk in the series “Gilmore Girls”, was there. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he fumed that Netflix is ​​still making big hits with the series but not getting any of it: “It’s been one of their most popular shows for over a decade. It’s streamed over and over again and I see next to nothing of the revenue that comes from it.” Instead, the bosses paid each other millions in bonuses. “I don’t understand why they can’t cut those bonuses to share the wealth more with the people who created the content that made them rich.”

Strike since early May

Screenwriters in the US have been on strike since early May. The actors followed suit last week. It is the first double strike of its kind in the United States in more than 60 years. It is expected that operations in the film studios will be paralyzed indefinitely. Productions are delayed – and it could also mean cuts for works that have already been completed. Because the Hollywood stars are no longer available for PR. On Thursday, the “Oppenheimer” stars left the premiere party in London after the start of the strike was announced. The “Barbie” premiere in Berlin on July 15 is also to take place without a leading actor.

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