Actress Jane Fonda suffers from circulatory problems after speech in Los Angeles

At this year’s big writers’ strike, Jane Fonda also wants to make a statement and gives a speech. The sun puts a spoke in the wheel for the actress.

The biggest writers’ strike in 40 years: Screenwriters have been on strike for a long time, but with the entry of America’s largest actors’ union – the Screen Actors Guild, with around 160,000 members – in July, the movement has assumed unprecedented proportions. Stars are also showing solidarity, demanding not only better pay but also better working conditions. One of them is Hollywood legend Jane Fonda (85). She is known for being socially committed and also fights against the big climate lies of the corporations. At a rally, however, she went to the limit of her strength.

This is what Jane Fonda is committed to

“These workers don’t charge that much. They are simply demanding safe and respectful working conditions with a living wage,” Jane Fonda is quoted as saying on “And the right to organize free from fear, intimidation and coercion,” stressed Jane Fonda on Friday (July 28) before the NetflixStudios in Los Angeles to the cheering crowd. But although the 85-year-old protected herself from the scorching heat – it was well over 30 degrees that day in California – with a sun hat, the actress obviously expected too much.

Jane Fonda has struggled with health issues in the past

In front of her fellow campaigners, Jane Fonda had to be helped off the stage with help, and visibly exhausted she sat down on a chair. She rested with her head down and her eyes strained, some of the people around her seemed worried about her. No wonder the Oscar winner had to struggle with health problems in the distant and recent past, including a serious eating disorder and recurring cancer – the 85-year-old Hollywood legend was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Heatstroke can be very risky

Heat stroke, which many suspect, may be particularly risky at her age, but officials have not reported her health to be worsening. One thing seems certain: as long as Jane Fonda is able to raise her voice for justice and climate protection, she will not quiet down.

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