Adele stands by Fan when he is harassed by security

Singer Adele (35) caused enthusiastic cheers among the audience at one of her “Weekend with Adele” shows in Las Vegas on August 27. During her performance of the hit “Water Under The Bridge,” the singer suddenly stopped performing and pointed her finger at someone in the audience. With visible displeasure, she exclaimed: “What’s the matter with the young fan who has been getting up and being bothered since my performance? What’s going on?” Her voice sounded outraged. A video clip of that moment shared on X (formerly Twitter) quickly went viral and went viral.

Adele protects Fan from security

Adele can be seen moving to the edge of the stage and sternly telling the fan, “Yes, raise your hand!” Then she turned to security and angrily asked, “Why are you bothering him? Can you please leave him alone?” Instead of staying in his seat, the fan got up to dance. Your fans are enthusiastic about the civil courage and cheer loudly, as can be heard on the video.

For Adele, things quickly became clear: if you want to have fun with her songs, you can jump up from your seat: “They won’t bother you anymore, my dear. Enjoy the show,” she wished the young man to the applause of the crowd.

She then turned back to the crowd and apologized for the disruption: “He was harassed the whole show by security and other people sitting behind him,” she said, outraged. “He’s here to have fun, get it? You are all here to have fun!”

Artist Adele loves the direct exchange with her fans

The exceptional singer, who suffers from severe back pain, has a close relationship with her fans. When a young couple recently held up a sign at their concert that read: “Adele, do you want to reveal the gender of our baby?” The 35-year-old didn’t need to be asked twice and brought the two onto the stage. Out of sheer emotion, the British woman, who is the mother of ten-year-old Angelo, shed a few tears herself.

But Adele has absolutely no understanding for one thing: After artists had been repeatedly thrown at objects such as mobile phones or beer glasses during their performances in the past few weeks, the singer said jokingly a few weeks ago: “Trust yourself to do something after me throw them and I’ll kill you!” But her message was serious: “Stop throwing things at artists. I have seen these people. These people are crazy.”

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