After bad reviews: “Indiana Jones 5” is a lawsuit

The mood of crisis does not want to stop with “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny”: Now the production studio of the film has been sued.

It seems like Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny (theatrical release: May 29) is slipping from one crisis to the next. Only flew the cult film sequel with Harrison ford the bad reviews around the ears. Then the strip disappointed at the box office and now threatens to become a flop. And now Lucasfilm, the production company behind Indiana Jones 5, has also been sued, how The Hollywood Reporter reported. The reason: a backpack!

Lawsuit against “Indiana Jones 5” makers: That’s behind it

Frost River filed a lawsuit against Lucasfilm in California on Wednesday, July 19 for using an outdoor-brand backpack in Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny — without first obtaining the company’s permission. In addition, the film studio intentionally removed the backpack’s identifying marks, again in clear violation of US federal trademark law.

But that’s not all: the indictment goes even further. Frost River also accuses Lucasfilm of having misrepresented the said backpack as a product of the competitor Filson in an advertising campaign. As part of the marketing for Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune, Lucasfilm and Filson produced a joint commercial that combined scenes from the film with commercials featuring Filson products. A scene showing the Frost River Geologist Pack backpack was inadvertently included in the ad. Frost River sees this as a clear violation of the Lanham Act, a federal law dealing with trademarks. So far, neither Lucasfilm nor Filson have made any official comment on the allegations made.

It’s a shame how much Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny is caught in the crossfire. The fifth film in the series is also the last. A cult figure like Indiana Jones and his actor Harrison Ford didn’t really deserve this ending.

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