After Freiburg fan riots in the DFB Cup, there are consequences

SC Freiburg experienced a debacle in the semi-finals of the DFB Cup. In the end there is a 1: 5 against RB Leipzig. However, some fans of the Breisgauer cause a great excitement. Leipzig’s André Silva was hit by a two-euro coin while warming up in the middle of the second half, after which he lay down on the ground.

Emotions then boiled over briefly: a few Freiburg fans made it into the interior, but were pushed back by stewards. The Freiburg players also talked to the fans.

Freiburg fans after riots in the criticism

Sports director Jochen Saier has now apologized for the dropouts of some SC Freiburg fans in the cup semi-final against RB Leipzig (1: 5). “That’s shitty,” Saier said about the cup throws and the coin toss, which apparently hit Silva in the head, on the TV channel “Sky”. “Regardless of what the situation was before or how it swings up, that has no place in the stadium,” says Saier.

At the same time, the 45-year-old also recalled incidents during the first round of the cup, in which the Breisgau team beat 1. FC Kaiserslautern 2-1 after extra time. “I saw handfuls of loose change, but that’s not a qualifying excuse. It doesn’t belong in the stadium, it doesn’t belong here,” emphasizes the Freiburg sports director. “One can only apologize for that.” The aim now must be to identify the coin launcher.

Freiburg captain Günter also criticizes the behavior of RB star Silva

Freiburg’s captain Christian Günter also condemned the riots. It is “not nice that they go down the fence, that doesn’t have to be the case,” said Günter: “It also scares you a bit if it then goes in the direction of violence.” Ultimately, however, the situation calmed down and it “nothing major happened”.

Günter also sees the behavior of RB star Silva critically. “I just don’t lie down there. I think I got five lighters in the back at a corner kick at Schalke last week,” said the national player on “Sky”: “If it’s not a laceration or anything, then I’ll take the thing and throw it to the side, then it’s over and done with and then the emotions don’t boil that high.”

Freiburg could face consequences

According to referee Sven Jablonski, the game was not about to be canceled because of the incidents. For the safety of the players, he had sent the Leipzig substitutes to the other side to warm up, which led to a brief interruption. “The Freiburgers influenced the fans, the Leipzigers were protected on the other side and so we were able to continue the game,” said Jablonski.

T-online According to the referee, the incident will still be included in the match report. “We write in what we perceived,” explained Jablonski on “Sky”. “The safety of the players comes first at all times. However, abandoning the game is the last resort. We were able to continue because the players were ultimately safe. ”The Freiburgers are likely to face consequences.

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