After separating from Markus Lanz: his ex-wife has changed so much

Markus Lanz was with his wife Angela for 15 years. The separation followed at the beginning of the year. A post on social media now shows that her body has changed quite a bit since then.

After 15 years together, ZDF talk show host Markus Lanz (54) and his wife Angela announced their separation in February 2023.

Angela Lanz, who until then had largely stayed out of the limelight, found herself in the public eye immediately after this announcement.

Markus Lanz: Ex-wife Angela has transformed her body

Particular attention was paid to her Instagram appearance. Interestingly, a few months before the separation announcement, Angela Lanz started the fitness blog “Heal n Glow” together with Estefania Heidemanns, an ex-partner of Poptitan Dieter Bohlen.

The female duo offers workout advice and nutrition tips on the platform. Around 14,000 followers quickly amassed.

Angela Lanz recently published a before and after comparison on her personal Instagram account, which impressively shows how much her body has changed in the last year and a half.

The current photo presents an Angela with clearly defined muscles. In contrast, the older photo shows a less muscular Angela, who, as she notes, weighed six kilograms less at the time. This difference is not due to fat, but rather to an increase in muscle mass.

When asked how she achieved this impressive transformation, Angela Lanz explains, “Over the last year and a half, I’ve transitioned from intense HIIT and cardio workouts to heavy weight exercises and sled pushes.”

The response from her community has been overwhelming. Comments like “Before and after beautiful”, “A strong woman – inside and out” and “It was a badass machine 1.5 years ago and now a hot machine” dominate the comment column, followed by numerous heart and flame emojis.

Angela and Markus Lanz first appeared in public as a couple in October 2008. In 2011 their wedding took place in South Tyrol, Markus Lanz’s hometown.

The ex-couple are said to have two daughters, but this has never been officially confirmed. They also did not publicly comment on the exact reasons for their separation.

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