After the controversial Palestine post: ProSieben invites rapper Nura as a TV guest

“Late Night Berlin” with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf: After Palestine Post, ProSieben invites rapper Nura as a TV guest.

German rapper Nura is heavily criticized for a pro-Palestinian post after the Hamas attack on Israel. The 34-year-old was scheduled to appear on the “Late Night Berlin” show on Tuesday. Now, at the request of FOCUS, ProSieben announced online that Nura had been unloaded.

The German rapper Nura was apparently disinvited as a guest on the talk show “Late Night Berlin” after a heavily criticized social media post by ProSieben. A company spokesman told FOCUS online on Monday afternoon upon request.

The Eritrean-born, Kuwait-born musician sparked heavy criticism on social networks on Sunday with a pro-Palestinian post on her Instagram account. In the black and white photo, Nura can be seen with a group of people in front of a hand-painted poster that says “Free Palestine.”

The photo is a screengrab from a new music video, the song of which is part of her new album “Periodt”. Many users on social networks now see this as support for the brutal rocket and terrorist attack by the Palestinian military organization Hamas.

After the Hamas attacks, the Israeli military says at least 700 Israelis have now been killed, and the Ministry of Health in Gaza says a further 400 people have died in Israeli counterattacks.

ProSieben: “Nura is not a guest on ‘Late Night Berlin’ on Tuesday”

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, host of the TV show “Late Night Berlin” on ProSieben, announced shortly after Nura’s Instagram post that the rapper would be a guest on his new episode of “Late Night Berlin”. The show will be produced on Tuesday, October 10th and broadcast on ProSieben on the same day at 10:10 p.m.

When asked whether Nura is still scheduled to be a guest or has been disinvited because of ProSieben’s controversial post, a spokesman said: “Nura will not be a guest on “Late Night Berlin” on Tuesday.

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