Agreement in the rights dispute over the women’s soccer World Cup

As the “image” claims to have learned, the women’s soccer World Cup, which begins in a few weeks, will be broadcast by ARD and ZDF.

A FIFA spokesman had previously said: “We are still in talks.” At the same time, he emphasized that there would be “no blackout” – i.e. a tournament without moving pictures in Germany. The association spokesman further explained: “We prefer broadcasts on public television, but we can also show the games on FIFA+.”

The women’s soccer World Cup starts in just a few weeks

Initially, the fronts between the EBU, ARD and ZDF – despite the talks mentioned by Fifa – seemed to be extremely hardened. ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky recently said at the SpoBis congress: “In the normal world you would sit down and come to a solution. But both sides must be willing to do so.” Persons entrusted with the negotiations had recently stated several times that there was no progress and that there were no real negotiations.

So far, the broadcasts of the big tournaments in Germany have always been on ARD and ZDF, which also submitted the best offer for the German TV market when it came to the tender for the 2022 World Cup, as those responsible for the broadcasters emphasize. But the offer was too small for Fifa. President Gianni Infantino publicly called for more money without giving specific figures. The only thing that is certain is that the amount involved is in the mid-single-digit millions.

The Women’s World Cup begins on July 20th and ends on August 20th.

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