“Alcohol, sports and whores”: Since the war raged, Putin’s officials have been drunk all the time

“Not everyone in the presidential administration started their day with a glass of vodka. Now I know a lot more people like that, and some have traded their glass for a bottle.” This is how a report by the independent Russian online media begins “amplification“. “T-Online” first reported on it. The subject of the research was the effects of the Ukraine war on officials in Russia.

It turned out that they were consuming alcohol more frequently and in larger quantities than before the start of the war. The behavior of a governor in particular is described in detail in the report. It is said that his alcohol consumption “got completely out of control” after the beginning of the war.

Governor drinks lots of cognac and sits ‘like a snowman in meetings’

At the beginning of the day the governor had to be woken up or searched for. There is a special person for this task. When the governor is found, he continues to drink cognac. In meetings, he sits “like a snowman,” says the report. This probably means that the mobility of the man is severely restricted.

However, alcohol consumption has not only skyrocketed in the regions. According to “Verstka”, he also increased significantly in Moscow. Sources close to the Kremlin report that around a bottle of alcohol used to be consumed at state banquets. Now it’s more like one and a half to two. It is not specified which alcohol is involved.

Putin’s agitator Medvedev is also said to be very fond of alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, however, not only local brands are used. “Neither the war nor the subsequent sanctions have stopped the conveyor belt of alcohol purchases, on the contrary,” reports an anti-corruption expert. According to the report, the vodka brands “Grey Goose” from France and “Belvedere” from Poland are particularly popular.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is one of the people who are said to be very fond of alcohol. This is reported by “Verstka” with reference to several sources. Russia’s incumbent President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is said to hardly touch alcohol. A person close to the Kremlin even reports that he is extremely sensitive to drunk or hungover employees.

Since the beginning of the war, Russian officials have been primarily interested in “alcohol, sports and whores”

But alcohol isn’t the only outlet many officers use, the report said. Instead of taking care of their actual work, the interest of many officials is now limited to “alcohol, sports or whores”.

In this context, an anti-corruption expert points to a purchase of the presidential administration for 55,000 euros. The majority of condoms, lighters, energy drinks and cigarettes are said to have been on the bill. According to “Verstkja”, there are said to have been two more orders of this magnitude this year.

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