Amira Pocher is said to have moved out of the house she shared with Oliver

Oliver and Amira Pocher recently went their separate ways after four years of marriage. Now they are said to have separated spatially.

Oliver and Amira Pocher have recently officially separated. The two had previously confirmed rumors of an alleged marital crisis. But it is now clear that their four-year marriage is over. According to Amira, “ Picture “-Information has even moved out of their shared house in Cologne. Apparently she rented a house very close to her ex instead. Both houses will have children’s rooms for their two sons.

Amira – who caused the separation – has not yet made an official statement about her alleged move. However, she has already shared photos on Instagram showing a living room – possibly a first glimpse of her new home. She also informed her followers about the purchase of a new television in the past few days.

Oliver Pocher is cleaning up his Instagram account

But it’s not just Amira who seems to have taken the next step towards the final end of love. Oliver also leaves no doubt on his Instagram account that it’s over between him and Amira.

A few days ago he shared a touching, unusually emotional post for Amira’s birthday, in which he made it clear how much the separation hurt him. “I haven’t been able to give you what you wanted from me in the last year. At some point the point came where you no longer felt love for me. Where family happiness, health and a fulfilling job were no longer enough to make you happy. “I failed as a spouse,” the birthday post said.

Now not only has this post disappeared from his account, but also several others. Oliver had often shared photos and videos with his wife in the past. Now there are hardly any of them left on his profile. However, the comedian also seems to have deleted some posts that have nothing to do with Amira. So what exactly his belated social media spring cleaning is all about is not entirely clear.

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