Amira Pocher reveals the reason for the separation

On November 14th, Amira Pocher (31) and her brother Ibrahim (33) published the opening episode of their new podcast “Liebes Leben” on Podimo. In this, the 31-year-old gives intensive insights into her thoughts and speaks bluntly about the crisis in her marriage to Oliver Pocher (45).

Amira Pocher: “I also have a few knife stabs in my back”

The last few months have not been easy for Amira, as she admits. A particular challenge was recording the joint podcast with ex-husband Oliver Pocher, where she had to behave professionally despite the private turmoil. “We were just arguing, then we sat down for an hour and recorded the podcast together,” said the 31-year-old. Her brother Hima brings up the separation from Olli, to which Amira explains that she has been unofficially separated for a long time.

She speaks openly about the emotional hardships she endured during this time: “I not only have a few bite wounds on my tongue, but also a few knife stabs in my back. What upset me personally and left me exhausted. I reached my limits physically and physically, it wasn’t pretty.”

Amira Pocher reveals: “It always takes two to make a marriage work”

The moderator also comments on Olli’s supposed fight for the relationship and speaks plainly: “Just because he made two Instagram posts. Of course they touched me. But they would have touched me even more if they had come in person. But nothing ever came of it personally.”

The mother of two continues: “If Olli had invested as much strength and power and fought for our marriage as he is doing now for his own profit and to make me look completely stupid, then we would still be together now.” Amira, on the other hand, has different approaches to it Attempted to save the marriage: “I didn’t bottle up anything, I always said everything openly. I talked, offered a trip. I looked up relationship coaches on the internet, books, YouTube. It always takes two to make a marriage work,” says Amira.

The Pochers’ marital problems: the turning point was Amira’s 30th birthday

A turning point in their marriage was shortly after Amira’s 30th birthday. Her mother revealed to her that she had changed for the worse.” Our mother said to me: ‘Amira, you have changed so drastically. You are so negative, the way you speak, you are vulgar in the culture of debate.’ I didn’t want to hear that. It bothered me for a long time, I pondered and looked at myself from the outside. After weeks I said to myself: I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to be like that anymore.”

Amira finds touching words about her love for Olli: “Of course I loved him. It also really hurts when people say it wasn’t like that. I gave birth to two children with this man and married him.” Amira then struggles to hold back tears. Hima takes her in his arms. She emphasizes that she wasn’t interested in financial benefits, but rather in a happy marriage. “If you read our marriage contract, you can see what I wanted it to be about: love! I wanted no money, no gain, no real estate. I just wanted our marriage and to live happily.”

Amira closes the Olli chapter: “I’m ready for love”

Finally, Amira muses about love: “I want to understand love even better. What is love? How does love work? It’s a big process, everyone has a different view.” And: “I’m really in the mood for love now! I’m ready for love! I’m looking forward to love! I’m looking forward to butterflies in my stomach. On giggles.”

In this context, Amira emphasizes the close relationship with her children: “I tell my children that I love them fifty times a day and smooch them all the time. The children are giving me a lot of strength right now. I keep wondering how something so cute can come from something like that. The mix, I mean. The children are pure happiness. They are so wonderful.”

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