Angela Kelly was thrown out of the palace by King Charles

Dresser Angela Kelly was considered the Queen’s confidante for years. But after her death she was rudely asked by the royal court –

Angela Kelly (65) was not only a designer, but also Queen Elizabeth II’s (†96) dresser for almost three decades – and much more than that. She was a friend and confidant. She gave her advice and comfort, but she also wore the monarch’s shoes and massaged her feet. Angela Kelly has published two books about it, with the express permission of the Queen.

As the online edition of “Bild” now explains again, some other members of the royal family suffered less well. Prince Harry (38) just took the opportunity in his book “Reverse” to once again say that he would have been reluctant to have this “troublemaker” as an enemy. That doesn’t sound like sympathy.

The renegade prince’s words may have annoyed Angela Kelly, but they had no impact on her life. The reaction of Harry’s father, King Charles III, is completely different. (74), out. Not only did he immediately have Kelly take the keys to the late queen’s wardrobe, but he also expelled her from the premises. Until then, Kelly had been living in a cottage at Windsor Castle.

Where does Angela Kelly live today?

As “Bild” reports, the move took a lot out of the older lady. Nevertheless, she bravely wrote on Instagram that she was looking forward to new adventures. She will now experience this far away from London in the north of England, where her new home is.

According to the Mail on Sunday, it is said to be part of a deal with the royal family: She gets a house in the so-called Lake District in Cumbria, but in return she is no longer allowed to publicly report anything about her time with the Queen. However, it is unclear whether this agreement really exists and whether it would hold in the event of a dispute: Angela Kelly apparently also had the late Queen’s permission to publish a third book about their time together.

Was Angela Kelly thrown out of court?

What ultimately remains: Most people see the actions of King Charles III. in this case as not very generous. Bild quotes a palace employee as saying: “We were very shocked and sad at how quickly she was dumped after the Queen’s death.” There is hardly any talk about her in the palace anymore, but there are still private contacts.

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