Angelina Jolie reveals the real reason why she is seen less often in films

Icon Angelina Jolie speaks in an interview about the reason why she rarely appears in films anymore and finds clear words. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife hasn’t felt like herself for a decade.

Oscar winner Angelina Jolie (48) surprises with her statements in a new “Vogue” interview. The 48-year-old ex-wife of Brad Pitt (59) revealed in the conversation that she started appearing in films less “seven years ago”. Since then, Jolie would only accept jobs “that didn’t require long hours of filming.”

The reason is that she “still needed a lot of healing.” “We’re still trying to find our footing,” says the actress.

Angelina Jolie is rarely seen in films

Jolie doesn’t elaborate further in the interview with “Vogue”, but the superstar took on fewer jobs after her marriage to Brad Pitt ended. Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016 after Pitt allegedly became violent during a private flight in the presence of their six children. The ex-spouses have been arguing for years about what actually happened on board the plane.

“I’m feeling a bit down these days”

The actress, who was once awarded an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress” for her performance in the drama “Crazy” (original title: “Girl, Interrupted,” 1999), reveals in the interview that she is “a little depressed these days.” feel. “I don’t feel like I’ve been myself for a decade,” Jolie explains, adding in the same breath that she doesn’t want to elaborate.

In fact, since her success in “Maleficent” (2014) and the flop “By the Sea” (2015), in which she played alongside Pitt, Jolie has appeared significantly less often in Hollywood productions than in the previous years. She only played a leading role in the sequel “Maleficent – Powers of Darkness” (2019) and in “They Want Me Dead” (2021). In other works from recent years, such as the Marvel blockbuster “Eternals” (2021), she was only seen in supporting roles or part of a larger ensemble.

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