Anne Will addresses Annalena Baerbock in Talk: “You haven’t achieved anything yet?”

150 hostages are held by the Hamas terrorist group, including Germans.

Just over a week after the attack on Israel, the world is in turmoil. “Anne Will” makes the situation the topic of the Sunday talk with the title: “After the terrorist attack on Israel – is there a risk of a conflagration in the Middle East?” We hear Arye Sharuz Shalicar, who grew up in Göttingen and Berlin and emigrated to Israel in 2001 is. Shalicar now serves as a reservist in the Israeli army and says: “This October 7th will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Where does the money for Palestine actually go?

Shalicar naturally defends Israel’s retaliatory strikes, but agrees: “The residents of the Gaza Strip should flee. Our target is not civilians, but terrorists.” He also spreads criticism: “In Germany we don’t know all the details.” It’s about humanitarian aid – and the question of where this money goes. “Hamas didn’t build schools and hospitals, it just invested in terrorism.” He has one goal clearly in mind: “They will never experience another day off in their lives!”

More bloodshed in the Middle East? “It’s more dangerous than ever”

Kevin Kühnert, General Secretary of the SPD, insists: “Israel is behaving according to the rules.” Michael Wolffsohn, a historian who fought as an Israeli soldier, is more critical: “The ground offensive is a political and military mistake.” He fears that further bloodshed in the conflict area. Journalist Natalie Amiri sees it the same way and even speaks of a “trap for Israel”. She has the region in mind. There are “troop movements in the region that really depress me.” And: “It’s more dangerous than ever before!”

The results of German foreign policy are meager

Moderator Anne Will spoke to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock before the broadcast. The Green politician appears very moved. At times her narrative falters when she reports on experiences and conversations in Israel. The results of German foreign policy are meager: we hear “no direct contact with German hostages.” And: “We are trying on all channels.” It is no coincidence “that there are many women and children among the hostages.”

Nothing has been achieved – and the war can last a long time

Anne Will asks: “You haven’t achieved anything yet?” So it seems. Instead, the Foreign Minister emphasizes: “It is not for me to evaluate the steps taken by the Israeli military.” But she also wants to make it clear: “Israel has a duty to protect its nationals.” Also this: “Israel’s security is German reasons of state. Israel will receive all help – including military help.” At the end of the interview, the Green politician becomes very emotional. She refers to the war in Ukraine and takes in the impressions from the Middle East. She asks to be able to place a message: “We can all be happy that we can live in peace with our families here.” The world situation is threatening. And what did Israeli army spokesman Arye Sharuz Shalicar say on the show? The war in the Middle East will “last at least several weeks.” Then he adds: “Maybe even longer.”

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