Anti-Semitism Commissioner calls on Jusos to “separate from Fatah youth”

Three years ago, the Jusos described the Palestinian organization Fatah Youth as a “sister organization.” The Bavarian government’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Ludwig Spaenle, is now criticizing this alliance again and calling on the Jusos to end their cooperation.

In 2020, the young socialists in the SPD referred to the Palestinian organization Fatah Youth 2020 as a “sister organization” in a resolution. The Bavarian state government’s anti-Semitism commissioner, Ludwig Spaenle, then criticized it, which he now shared again on Facebook in view of the attack on Israel. He wrote: “Now it is high time: Jusos must separate from their partner alliance with Fatah Youth.”

Spaenle described Juso’s choice of words as “disgusting”

“The choice of words in the Juso decision is disgusting,” said Spaenle’s statement at the time together with André Freund, the other spokesman for the CSU’s Jewish Forum. The Fatah youth are classified as extremist by several sources.

“Anyone who counts Israel haters as part of their political family acts as a social door opener for Israel-related anti-Semitism,” it continued. Spaenle and Freund called on the SPD to act. The “SPD leadership must urgently distance itself from its own youth organization and its decisions.” , said the explanation.

So far, neither the Jusos nor their chairwoman Jessica Rosenthal have commented on the Fatah youth.

Jean Harris

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