Anyone who breaks this new Netflix rule could be in trouble

Users angry: Anyone who breaks this new Netflix rule could get in trouble.

Many Netflix users share their account password with family and friends to save money. Of course, this bothers netflix, and the provider now wants to take tougher action. Recently, the streaming provider has been sending out e-mails in which customers are made aware of a price increase due to the sharing of the account. This is how you should behave in this case.

The one with one
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For many years it was no problem to get one Netflix-Account to share. Users do not have to pursue bad intentions at all, because hardly anyone should bother to take a close look at the

Terms and Conditions
to throw.

Technically, it has worked flawlessly so far to share an account if you only know the access data. Many Netflix customers pass them on to friends and family. According to the Netflix terms and conditions, the use of an account is only permitted within one household.

Now Netflix wants to take stricter action and prevent free account sharing with people outside of your own household. If an account is shared, an additional fee will be charged. Netflix has already informed the first users in Germany by email.

Additional costs for Netflix viewers

In Germany, Netflix has started to put the new plans into action. The

Netflix FAQ
currently names two ways to use Netflix with people outside the household:

  • Own bank account: It’s not really about account sharing, it’s about how to do it correctly. A Netflix account can only be used with people in your own household, so users in other households must get their own account and pay for it themselves.
  • Additional member place: The second option is to create one for people outside of your own household

    additional fee
    to pay. This is 4.99 euros per month per viewer. The email from the streaming-Service.

Use Netflix account while traveling

In addition to account sharing, there are other scenarios why streaming could take place outside of the home, such as when you’re on vacation or just want to stream on the go.

At least for travelers, Netflix has one

answer ready

  • Once a month, connect to the internet on your mobile device at the main location where you watch Netflix and open the Netflix app on that device. Then follow the same steps at your destination to enjoy uninterrupted Netflix.

So you have to use Netflix once a month in your own household, then it also works on the go. Anyone who wants to register on a TV outside the household should also be able to do this if a mobile device is connected to the same WiFi network that was previously connected to Netflix at home.

With VPN into the home network

But how does Netflix actually recognize that it is being used outside of your own home? Unfortunately, there is no description of this in the Netflix FAQs. It is obvious that the IP address used is evaluated in any case.

In addition, the devices used could be identified via IDs and the overall account activities could be viewed. You can log into your home network while on the go via VPN. Since FritzOS 7.50, FritzBox users have had an easy way to Set up WireGuard VPN .

Even with the free one Meshnet function from NordVPN, you can easily connect to your home WiFi network.

What Netflix users should do

Many users share Netflix account information with others, even outside of their own household. Here you should be aware that this violates Netflix’s terms of service. But you don’t have to expect termination or penalties right away, Netflix is ​​very careful here.

At the latest, however, you should discuss the topic with those affected when you receive an email from Netflix informing you of this. There are basically two options:

  • Transfer profile: An additional Netflix user’s existing profile can be exported to their own Netflix account.
  • Pay additional contribution: You can add an additional member for 4.99 euros.

If you have problems on the go, you can log into your home network via VPN.

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