Anyone who listens to Vettel speak will realize that he is excited about a Formula 1 comeback

Sebastian Vettel does not fundamentally rule out a Formula 1 comeback, but also emphasizes that the circumstances have to be right and there are currently no plans

“I think the driver situation is not yet over for him,” Helmut Marko recently said about Sebastian Vettel on ServusTV. And now the German himself is giving his fans hope that they will see him in Formula 1 again at some point.

When asked specifically whether he would return again, the four-time world champion answered in an interview with Sky: “I can’t say no because you don’t know. I can’t rule it out, but of course it would depend a lot on the timing.”

Vettel reminds us that he is now 36 and therefore has “not endless” time for a comeback. In ten years he won’t have to try anymore. “It would depend on the challenge, the situation and whatever,” explains Vettel.

“But it’s not on my mind at the moment,” the German clarifies in this context. This means: A comeback is possible in the future, but Vettel, who only resigned at the end of 2022, is currently not pursuing any concrete plans in this regard.

Vettel: Situation for Mick Schumacher “difficult”

This means that Nico Hülkenberg will remain the only German driver in the premier class for the time being. Vettel hopes that Mick Schumacher will make his way back to Formula 1 again. “The situation is difficult at the moment,” he also knows.

“There is perhaps still a single cockpit and at the moment it is not that easy or rather difficult to get in there and slide in,” said Vettel. Because realistically Only the second Williams cockpit next to Alexander Albon would be free for Schumacher.

Although AlphaTauri has not yet confirmed any pilots for 2024, it is no secret that Red Bull is not interested in Schumacher. “I think it’s important that things continue for him in a certain way next year and that he continues to work on the second chance,” said Vettel.

“There is always some possibility,” he hopes for his friend and explains that it is “from a German perspective (…) essential” that Schumacher gets another chance because: “He is not only the greatest young talent, but Maybe the only one at the moment.”

Formula 1 race “too expensive” for Germany

There hasn’t been a Grand Prix in Germany since 2020. At that time, the premier class raced at the Nürburgring for the last time on German soil. Vettel explains that Formula 1 has simply become “too expensive” for the race tracks in Germany.

The premier class has “become more popular” worldwide in recent years, said Vettel. But that also meant that the fees for a Grand Prix became ever higher. “Perhaps Germany is a bit too realistic in this respect,” said Vettel.

“Germany needs a Formula 1 Grand Prix,” says ex-Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger in this context. The Austrian recalls that historically Germany has always “played a major role in motorsport”.

An event like the recent Red Bull event on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, where Vettel also took to the track, shows “that people want motorsport in their free time,” said Berger. However, this also requires support from above.

“This support has to start right at the grassroots level in karting. And there is a bit of catching up to do in Germany,” said the Austrian. At least a driving force like Sebastian Vettel wouldn’t hurt…

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