Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the secret to his happiness

Arnold Schwarzenegger has his very own method of taking control of his own happiness in life. He now revealed how it works.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (76) is an absolute superstar – on different levels. He didn’t just make a name for himself as an actor – just think of his role as “Terminator”. He also became famous as a bodybuilder and politician.

Arnold Schwarzenegger publishes new book

All of that might be enough to consider someone pretty happy. Schwarzenegger’s public appearances, such as at Oktoberfest, are celebrated and his Instagram account has already produced some funny posts in which the star showed a lot of humor and commitment to the climate. Now the 76-year-old has revealed in his new book “Be useful” what his personal formula for happiness is, as “” reported.

“Terminator” star reveals his recipe for happiness

Not everything always went perfectly and smoothly for Arnold Schwarzenegger. For example, he had to cope with the failure of his marriage. In 2011, his wife Maria Shriver filed for divorce after her husband had an affair. And that after at least 25 years of marriage. Heart surgery in 2018 failed. As a child he was beaten because he was dyslexic. How does he cope with such low blows and stay positive? The “Terminator’s” solution sounds surprisingly simple: he lets his mind wander, as he reveals in the book. Every day he takes 15 minutes to think about his life. He finds inspiration or new goals, for example, while taking a walk or cycling.

For Schwarzenegger it is important to “let your thoughts flow freely.” This works best if he cannot be disturbed. And knowing the 76-year-old’s incredible career, it’s not surprising that another piece of advice for the path to happiness is: First, you need a clear vision of what you want your life to look like. But you shouldn’t bake small rolls; according to the star, it’s more about not setting any limits: “Take a piece of paper (…). Write your vision on it. Now you cross it out and write it again, only bigger.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger fought for his family

Schwarzenegger has even more words of wisdom for readers. You should always make the best of every situation, only fight when it’s really worth it and always think about the people you trust most. He failed to do this with his family when it fell apart due to his infidelity. But he worked hard on his relationship with his loved ones – with success.

The “Terminator” still raves about his ex-wife today. In a recent interview with he said about her: “My chapter with Maria will always continue. Even if it’s a different relationship, there’s no reason for me to feel anything other than love.”

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