Arrested by police in Iran: Suddenly “The Voice” becomes political

Music show: Arrested by police in Iran: Suddenly “The Voice” becomes political

“The Voice of Germany” continues in the blind auditions. In addition to a performance that brought Shirin David to tears, Ronan Keating snatched a top singer from the Kaulitz brothers.

When tears flow in the ProSieben/SAT.1 casting show “The Voice of Germany”, it is often “only” about impressive voices – but for Luna Cavari (26) it is about much more. But before the young nurse took the stage in the penultimate “Blind Auditions” episode, other talents were allowed to try their luck.

It started with Annemarie Schmidt (23), who may have seemed familiar to Ed Sheeran fans: In April, the superstar (32) heard her sing the second voice of his song “Afterglow” at a concert, brought her on stage for a duet and later the shared a joint appearance on Instagram. The song also brought her luck: Ronan Keating (46) buzzed and brought her into his team.

Duet with Shania Twain: Ronan Keating can score

The Swiss Anna Vichery (40) then got four buzzers with the “My Fair Lady” song “I would have danced tonight”. She chose Giovanni Zarrella (45), who was the first to press. Only one other candidate received a four-way buzz in this episode – the Dutch Kimmy June (28) thrilled all four coaches with Dolly Parton’s (77) “Jolene”. Coach Shirin David (28), however, was blocked by the Tokio Hotel twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (34), so Kimmy was not allowed to vote for them.

Bad luck for the Twins: When competitor Ronan Keating (46) listed everything that connects him with country – including a duet with Shania Twain (58) – it was clear to Kimmy: Ronan it is! The ex-Boyzone singer was also able to win Carinthian student Anna Ebner (19) for his team. She convinced both him and Giovanni with a song by the 2021 “The Voice Kids” winner, Egon Werler’s (18) “Rest der Welt”.

Giovanni Zarella: “I can’t let you go home”

The unlucky person of this episode was Shirin David: She also tried in vain for Felix Deeg (22), who sang Rupert Holmes’ “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”, and for Oskar Jelitto, his calm Hannah Trigwell version of Rick Astley classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” thrilled. But the former went to “Team Toll” (Tom and Bill), the latter chose his idol Ronan.

Joao Rodrigues Pio (24), who made the audience go wild with “Ex’s & Oh’s” by Elle King (34), and Lanya Al Gumur (21), who sang “How You Like That” would certainly have been happy about a Shirin buzzer. the K-pop band Blackpink performed. Unfortunately, neither of them could get a coach to buzz, as did Selina Schlier (26) with the Portugal The Man song “Feed It Still”. You could tell that the coaches were becoming more hesitant about the buzzer, after all, a large portion of the 18 spots per team were already filled.

Lauren Mace (38) also seemed to go away empty-handed, but at the last second Giovanni turned around for her interpretation of the Miley Cyrus hit “Flowers” ​​(in the postmodern jukebox version): “I can’t let you go home – not with a voice like that,” he told the performance artist, who was in tears of joy and relief.

Iranian woman was taken away by police

Not the only time tears were shed that evening! Luna Cavari (26) “only” got Bill and Tom buzzing with her interpretation of the song “I See Red” from Everybody Loves An Outlaw, but her performance got under their skin. What the young Iranian woman said was well known, but it always leaves you stunned: “You go out of your house and are afraid every second that the police will take you away,” she said, remembering life in her homeland had left for six years.

That’s exactly what happened to her once: Because her dress slipped a little because of the violin she was carrying on her back, she was taken to a police station: “It’s been ten years and it still hurts so much.” Her performance was not only important for her: “It’s for a lot of other talented girls who can’t experience this.”

Everyone was visibly touched by Luna’s story, especially Shirin David and presenter Melissa Khalaj (34), both of whom have Iranian roots. Their eyes filled with tears. “I felt such devotion,” Bill explained about his and Tom’s buzzing for Luna. “You just packed everything in. And I had exactly the feeling that you were singing for a lot of people!”

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