Ashlea Albertson: Racing driver (24) dies in an accident on the way home

The exact circumstances of the accident are still unclear, the Indiana State Police Department wrote on Facebook that witness footage “indicates that the two drivers began accelerating rapidly and refused to let the other vehicle pass.”

Albertson’s fiancé, Jacob Kelly, is said to have skidded and collided with another car, after which Albertson is said to have been thrown out of the car. The collision happened because Kelly was probably a car race with a black Chevy Malbu delivered, like that “sports picture” reported.

Immediately after the accident, Albertson was flown by rescue helicopter to the University of Louisville Hospital, where she died of her injuries, according to police.

24-year-old racing driver dies in an accident on the way back from vacation

Both her boyfriend and the driver of the Chevrolet suffered only minor injuries in the accident.

The American recently made it into the team of multiple NASCAR winner Tony Stewart. He commented on the tragedy with a statement on “X”.

“Her loss is a sobering reminder of just how precious life is. Please join me and keep your family and friends in your prayers,” Stewart wrote.

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