At Lanz: Germany must be prepared to “actively defend Israel,” said Masala

The attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel shocked the entire world. In “Markus Lanz,” Israeli sociologist Melody Sucharewicz addressed the Western world with emphatic words, while political scientist Carlo Masala warned of a “conflagration” in the Middle East.

Last Saturday, Hamas terrorists launched their devastating attack on Israel and killed countless civilians, leaving at least 900 dead and several thousand injured.

In the meantime, Israel is fighting back with all its military force: In “Markus Lanz”, political scientist Carlo Masala commented on Israel’s planned ground offensive and initially made it clear that the Hamas attacks were the “Israeli 9/11”, the “Israeli Pearl Harbor “act,” said the political scientist. Although one could say that the Israeli army has almost restored control over Israeli territory, the conflict could still drag on for months.

Sociologist Melody Sucharewicz, who joined in from Tel Aviv, then gave a moving description of how the situation is affecting the lives of the Israeli population. She admitted: “It’s living hell and unfortunately it’s not over yet.”

The Israeli adviser added that the population was “constantly under rocket fire” and Hamas terrorists continued to try to enter Israeli territory. “It’s an inferno. It is a beastly war on a scale that Israel has never experienced,” said Sucharewicz.

Melody Sucharewicz: “We will defeat Hamas and all enemies”

Markus Lanz then wanted to know how Sucharewicz explained the situation to her two children. She responded emotionally that she was trying to protect her children “from this reality” while other children were “in the bestial hands of Hamas” and “tortured in Gaza, torn away from their mothers, torn away from their families.”

Sucharewicz added that many parents were “massacred” in front of their children “before the children were kidnapped.” The sociologist wants to hide this “ugly, unbearable, indigestible reality” from her own offspring, while her husband is currently fighting for Israel’s survival as one of 300,000 reservists.

Despite the fear for her husband, Sucharewicz boldly added that there was no time to mourn. Rather, it is now about “standing behind our army and relying on them to do the right thing to protect us, civil society (…). The big goal: “We will become Hamas and everyone Defeat enemies who are now aiming to open a war front with Israel.”

Carlo Masala added: “There will be a comprehensive ground operation.” The military expert warned: “It will be bloody. This will result in a high number of casualties – including on the Israeli side.” Carlo Masala added that “Israel’s existence is at stake” and that there is a risk of a “two-front war” if Hezbollah gets involved. In that case, according to the military expert, Germany must also be “ready to (…) actively defend Israel.”

Kevin Kühnert: “Nancy Faeser doesn’t lack a bit of clarity”

In a conversation with Lanz, Sucharewicz also called for solidarity from Germany and at the same time condemned the many pro-Palestinian celebrations in Berlin, at which anti-Semitism was recently spread on the streets and the attack on Israel was celebrated. “After October 7th, there can no longer be Islamist extremists on German streets with anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist slogans – without anything being done about it,” said Sucharewicz angrily.

SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert then proudly announced that two registered rallies in Berlin had “already been banned by the Berlin police”. “These are exactly the signs that are needed now,” said Kühnert.

According to the SPD man, “robust action” is being taken against the attempt to “introduce hatred and violence into our society”. CDU General Secretary Carsten Linnemann could not agree with this. He criticized that “this issue has been underestimated for years” and that “Muslim anti-Semitism” is generally not punished as much as right-wing extremism. “And now everything is being revealed and my concern is that we will talk again for three, four, five days and in the end nothing will happen,” said Linnemann, referring to the rising anti-Semitism in Germany.

A statement that led Lanz to ask Kevin Kühnert how Nancy Faeser could be “a powerful interior minister” again after her election disaster in Hesse. However, Kühnert promptly countered: “Nancy Faeser doesn’t lack a bit of clarity when it comes to dealing with Islamism and terror in Germany.”

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