Attack in Israel: USA moves warships to the eastern Mediterranean

USA moves warships to the Eastern Mediterranean

8:13 p.m.: The USA is moving an aircraft carrier and other warships to the eastern Mediterranean in response to the major attack on Israel by the Islamist Hamas. The US Department of Defense announced this on Sunday in Washington.

Ministry of Health in Gaza reports 413 deaths

8:01 p.m.: At least 413 people have been killed in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip in response to the major Hamas attack on Israel. The Ministry of Health in Gaza said on Sunday evening that 2,300 Palestinians were also injured.

Death toll in Israel after major Hamas attack rises to 700

7:10 p.m.: At least 700 people in Israel were killed in the major attack by the Islamist Hamas from the Gaza Strip. This was reported by several Israeli media on Sunday, citing medical circles. According to the latest information from the Ministry of Health, 2,243 people were injured.

“Enemy forces still in Israel” – Air force attacks in the Gaza Strip

7:04 p.m.: According to the Israeli military, Palestinian attackers are still in the country following the major attacks by the Islamist Hamas in Israel. “There are still hostile forces in Israel,” said military spokesman Daniel Hagari on Sunday evening, around 36 hours after the attack from the Gaza Strip began. Some of the intruders were killed, but some were still there, Hagari said. Fighting has continued in the border area in the past few hours. In several cities, people again had to flee to safety from rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

The military told residents of two towns in the border area not to leave their homes “due to the security situation” in the evening.

“We are currently in the middle of a war,” Hagari said. The Israeli Air Force is fully deployed to attack targets in the Gaza Strip. In the past few hours, more than 50 combat aircraft have destroyed around 120 targets belonging to Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organization by the EU, the USA and Israel. “Hamas has brought a major catastrophe to the Gaza Strip,” Hagari said. They have suffered hundreds of victims. “Dozens” of enemy fighters were captured.

The Foreign Office assumes that there are Germans among those abducted by Hamas

5:38 p.m.: The federal government assumes that there are also German nationals among those abducted from Israel by the Islamist Hamas. The Foreign Office in Berlin said on Sunday that, according to the Foreign Ministry’s findings, these were people who all had Israeli as well as German citizenship.

German intelligence officer compares attack on Israel to 9/11

5:21 p.m.: The former Federal Intelligence Service (BND) mediator for talks between Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah has described the recent attacks on the country as comparable to September 11, 2011 in the USA. “All efforts to clarify Hamas, to fortify the border and to defend against rocket fire were aimed at preventing individual infiltrations and maximally limiting the effect of rocket fire,” said Gerhard Conrad to the digital media company Table.Media.

October 7, 2023 dramatically demonstrated the limits of this approach. “In this respect, the attack can very well be compared with the attacks of September 11, 2011 in the USA, and the historical reference to the Japanese surprise attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in December 1941 is also entirely appropriate,” said Conrad, who also from 1990 worked for the BND as head of the management staff until 2020. From 2016 to 2019, Conrad was Director of the EU Intelligence Analysis Center (INTCEN) in Brussels.

Scholz condemns “barbaric” Hamas attack

3:32 p.m.: Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) promised Germany’s solidarity with Israel after the major attack by the Islamist Hamas. In a telephone conversation, he assured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “Germany stands firmly and unwaveringly on Israel’s side in the face of this terrible attack,” said Scholz on Sunday in the Chancellery in Berlin. “The security of Israel is German reasons of state. This is especially true in difficult times like these. And we will act accordingly.” Scholz called the Hamas attack “barbaric” and “outrageous.”

Scholz also condemned pro-Palestinian celebrations after the major attack on Israel by the Islamist Hamas.

“We do not accept it when the hideous attacks against Israel are celebrated here on our streets,” said the SPD politician on Sunday in Berlin. He added: “The suffering, the destruction, the death of so many people cannot be a reason for joy for anyone.” His thoughts “in these difficult hours are with the citizens of Israel, who have to mourn many victims,” he said Chancellor and added: “Germany is at your side.”

In Berlin-Neukölln, around 50 people gathered on Saturday evening for what the police said was a pro-Palestinian demonstration. The police checked the people and took appropriate measures, said a police spokesman. A video on Instagram shared by the anti-Israel network Samidoun showed a group chanting slogans. The organization distributed sweet baked goods to passers-by on Saturday afternoon, “in celebration of the victory of the resistance,” as it wrote on Instagram.

Government: More than 600 dead from Hamas violence and more than a hundred hostages

3:31 p.m.: According to government figures, more than 600 people have been killed in the country since the radical Islamic Hamas began its large-scale attack on Israel. In addition, more than a hundred people are being held as “prisoners” by Hamas, the Israeli government said on Sunday afternoon.

The death toll is “not final,” it said. The government said the number of injured was more than 2,000, around 200 of whom were in mortal danger.

Federal government puts “entire commitment to the Palestinian territories to the test”

3:15 p.m.: After Hamas’ attack on Israel, the federal government is reviewing financial aid for Palestine. Development Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) said the “South German newspaper“: “We will review our entire commitment to the Palestinian territories. During this review, we primarily want to discuss with Israel how we can best serve peace in the region and security for Israel with our development projects.”

Here you can read more about it..

Over 250 bodies found on Israeli festival grounds

3:10 p.m.: More than 250 bodies have reportedly been found at the site of an Israeli festival. Several observers report this unanimously, such as the Twitter channel “OSINT Defender”. Accordingly, the victims are said to be many foreign tourists. Hamas terrorists attacked the festival yesterday, Saturday.

Hezbollah chief: “Crossing all borders” led to Hamas terror

2:50 p.m.: Hashem Safi al-Din, Chairman of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, issued a warning to the USA and Israel at a press conference. Their violations of Islamic holy sites and “crossing all borders” led to Hamas’s “Al-Aqsa Deluge” terrorist operation.

If their “stupidity” continues, al-Din said, the entire Islamic nation will join the “flood.” Earlier in the day, Hezbollah fired mortar shells at Israeli military installations on the border with Lebanon, claiming it stood in solidarity with the “Palestinian resistance.”

Hezbollah in Lebanon expresses solidarity after Hamas attack

2:10 p.m.: The Shiite organization Hezbollah has expressed its solidarity after the Hamas attack on Israel. “Our hearts, souls, rockets and guns are with you, because we are the resistance that originally existed for the sake of Palestine and Al-Aqsa,” senior Hezbollah official Hashim Safieddine said on Sunday in a southern suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut . “We are not neutral,” he said.

“In our beloved resistance, we have always longed for these moments when we clash with this enemy,” said close confidant and cousin of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah. “The scenes suggest that the time of revenge has come, that the time of reckoning has come and that the collapse of the Zionist strongholds has come.”

Hezbollah, which is closely allied with Iran, is considered an influential political force in a country with a generally weak state. Its power is based, among other things, on its own militia, with which it controls entire areas, including the region on the border with its arch-enemy Israel. It is the only group that was officially allowed to keep its weapons after the civil war from 1975 to 1990.

Security Cabinet decides: Israel is officially at war

1:55 p.m.: Israel is now officially at war. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced, the security cabinet had already made the decision on Saturday evening to put the country into a state of war. This means that “significant military activities” can be carried out.

After the attacks by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel, Netanyahu had already declared that the country was at war. With the decision of the high-ranking security cabinet, the declaration acquires legal force in the sense of the Basic Law: The Government, which states in Article 40 that the country cannot go to war without a government decision.

“The war forced upon Israel by a murderous terrorist attack from the Gaza Strip began at 6 a.m. on October 7, 2023.”

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