Australian billionaire reveals: They have Trump on tape – new trouble is looming

An Australian billionaire named Anthony Pratt recently made allegations against former US President Donald Trump. According to Pratt, he claims that Trump told him about confidential conversations with political leaders, particularly from Ukraine and Iraq. These claims are not just empty words, because according to “19FortyfiveThere are tape recordings in which Pratt describes his conversations with Trump in detail. In these tapes, Pratt accuses Trump of sharing insider information, not just with him but possibly with others.

Possible evidence at trial

The 19Fortyfive reporting also quotes CNN, which notes that Trump’s handling of state secrets will be the focus of the trial. Interestingly, previous reports mentioned that Trump may have shared sensitive information about US nuclear submarines with Pratt. In the new recordings, Pratt reports a conversation in which Trump told him that he had just bombed Iraq – information that was not yet publicly known at the time. Pratt also mentioned details of a phone call between Trump and Iraqi President Barham Salih. Pratt also reported that he also spoke to Trump about his conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which later became the basis for Trump’s first impeachment trial.

Trump denies the allegations

Trump did not directly respond to Pratt’s claims. He simply pointed out that Pratt came from Australia, a close US ally. However, Trump later denied the allegations in a message on Truth Social, calling the New York Times report about Pratt “fake news.” Trump emphasized his priorities, including creating jobs and strengthening the economy. 19Fortyfive also quotes CNN as saying these recent revelations could be used as evidence that Trump had a habit of leaking sensitive government information.

Pratt’s assessment of Trump

Last but not least, Pratt was critical of Trump’s character and even compared his business practices to those of the Mafia. Pratt said Trump has a tendency to make controversial statements and shock people, and he knows exactly how to escape the law.

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