Baby Kfir is the youngest Hamas hostage – now the kidnappers receive an emotional letter

The children’s book author Sagit Emmet has written a moving fictional letter to the Hamas kidnappers, who did not stop at small babies during their large-scale terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. Since that day, which led to the renewed outbreak of war in the Middle East, Kfir Bibas, a nine-month-old baby, has been held hostage by Hamas. The infant was kidnapped along with his mother, Shiri, father, Yarden, and four-year-old brother, Ariel.

Emmet has now dedicated a letter to the baby with the “fiery red hair”. In it she imagines how the baby kidnapped from Israel to Gaza by the Hamas terrorists is cared for by an Arab woman.

“The letter is the hope for a piece of humanity beyond the fence in the darkest hours that Israel has been living through for a long time,” writes the “ Jewish General “, which also published the letter. FOCUS online shows excerpts from the letter here.

Excerpts from Sagit Emmet’s letter

The letter to the fictional Arab woman begins with the following words: “I can imagine it happening – a young man, maybe two, with labored breathing, knocking on your door in the middle of the night. You expected her. Someone, a distant relative, has informed you in advance that you have a role to play, an important role. The house, they say, is now a prison (that little back room dug into the wall), a hiding place for the kidnapped enemy, she a prison guard.

This is a dark hour. As you open the door, a sliver of the moon appears from the darkness. They sneak in and throw a light package at your chest. It’s a small child, you can tell. A baby, you realize in a panic. You didn’t expect that, but your face under the black cloth doesn’t give anything away.”

Your children don’t know about your role

“How long?” she asks.

“As long as it takes,” they reply.

“Your children are already grown up. They know nothing about the role she has taken on. The little enemy in your arms is motionless, silent, and for a moment you are not sure if he is still alive. You do what is necessary. Your movements waver from the gaze of the one holding a knife in one hand while the other silences you with his lips. Ooskoot!” he threatens.

“No one should know about it. They promise to remain silent. Be silent. The Zionist enemy will remain trapped in the dug-in space. No one will hear (not even the neighbors next door, you swear), not even your own children, your daughters-in-law, no one.”

Emmet continues: “I imagine your body stiffening before these sweaty messengers of Satan.”

“Young men with eyes burning with hatred”

“Young men with eyes burning with hatred. You are strong and tough against them. Only after they have left and the door has closed do you enter the room and place your prisoner on the previously prepared mattress. You’re looking at him for the first time.”

“You’re a woman. I remember it a thousand times a day.”

“You are a mother yourself. There are forces in nature that no mother can withstand, I know that.

For example, fear in the eyes of a child.

For example, little fingers that wrap around your thumb.”

“I need to know that you are stroking the cheek of this little enemy with the flaming red hair”

The author goes on to write that she simply has to believe that “you are taking care of this child like the Pharaoh’s daughter.” Like the mother you are. I have to believe you’re leaning over him and allowing him to curl up in your lap. That you spend hours with him in this small room, snuggling his tiny body against yours”.

“I need to know that you are stroking the cheek of this little enemy with the flaming red hair – and that you are teaching him to cry again.”

Jean Harris

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