Bad day for Russia: Ukraine destroys Putin’s ‘most terrible weapon’

Ukrainian forces have made strategic gains in a new push against Russian troops. The Daily Express reports that the Ukrainian army has destroyed ten ammunition dumps and a TOS-1 multiple rocket launcher with 24 barrels. Known as Putin’s “most terrible weapon,” this multiple rocket launcher can generate temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees Celsius.

The Kiev army is conducting attacks on three fronts and has driven Russian forces out of positions south of Andriiivka, according to the Ukrainian military spokesman. According to the Daily Express, Ukraine is trying to regain territory in its counter-offensive and encircle Russian troops in the symbolic city of Bakhmut. A former Russian lieutenant colonel has described scenes of chaos in Putin’s army and urged senior officers to end the war in Ukraine.

Blow at Putin’s ‘most terrible weapon’

On the southern sector of the front, the Ukrainians pushed forward where the Donetsk region meets Zaporizhia and captured Staromaiorske. The third thrust is concentrated in the western region of Zaporizhia and, according to the Ukrainian army high command, the Russians will suffer significant casualties.

The Daily Express highlights the destruction of the TOS-1A Solntsepyok multiple rocket launcher. This weapon enjoys a fearsome reputation and is described as Putin’s “most terrible weapon”. The US Army detailed the destructive power of this system in a 2011 edition of the World Equipment Guide, with effects such as prolonged high-pressure blast waves and extreme temperatures.

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