Baerbock promotes energy cooperation in Colombia

Foreign Minister Annalena baerbock campaigned in Colombia for a closer partnership with the fourth largest Latin American country in the field of energy and climate. “Colombia has enormous potential to become a heavyweight in renewables and green hydrogen,” said the Green politician on Thursday after a meeting with Colombian Vice President Francia Márquez in the city of Cali.

Baerbock underlined common goals, for example in value and order-oriented foreign policy, condemning the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine or working for a feminist foreign policy. “Germany and Colombia also share the belief in our common values ​​and international cooperation,” said Baerbock.

Baerbock emphasized the similarities in feminist foreign policy. In her eighteen months as foreign minister, she had never sat across from an all-female delegation like she did in Cali. “There can be no stable peace without the participation of women and marginalized groups,” said Baerbock. “Without peace there can be no climate protection. There can be no adequate economic and sustainable development without climate protection.”

Joint agreement on the energy transition

In connection with a possible closer cooperation in the raw materials sector, Baerbock said with regard to Colombia that “countries that not only have raw materials that we urgently need for the energy transition or for other areas, but that also share our values” would be ideal here. The Colombian government of President Gustavo Petro wants to further expand renewable energies. Colombia is interested in the production, use and export of green hydrogen.

Márquez thanked Germany for its commitment to the peace negotiations in a country ravaged by decades of civil war. She praised the joint advocacy for equality. Márquez added that Colombia hopes that the planned joint energy transition agreement can be finalized as soon as possible.

Plans to move away from fossil fuels in both countries

Both Baerbock and Márquez underlined the importance of the planned phase-out of coal in both countries. The German phase-out of coal and the Colombian agenda with regard to fossil fuels fit together very well, said Baerbock. Colombia is one of Germany’s priority countries for its international climate protection initiatives.

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