Baerbock’s message from Kiev: EU soon from Lisbon to Luhansk

Annalena Baerbock, German Foreign Minister, during her visit to Kiev, expressed a clear vision about Ukraine’s future presence in the European Union, as the “Ukrainian Pravda“ reported. According to Baerbock, the EU will “extend from Lisbon to Luhansk” in the foreseeable future. She stressed Ukraine’s determination to pursue impressive reforms and move forward on its path to the EU, despite significant geopolitical tensions and challenges, particularly in the face of Russian aggression.

Not just geographical expansion of the EU

Ukrainska Pravda said that Baerbock made it clear during an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers that the European Union was experiencing not only geographical expansion, but also intellectual expansion. With every village and every meter that Ukraine liberates and its people are saved, the country’s path to the EU also expands.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, Baerbock also emphasized the solidarity of European friends and partners who will support Ukraine on this difficult path. She underlined the country’s willingness to carry out notable reforms despite the difficult circumstances. These include changes to the law in legal and media areas as well as the fight against corruption.

Baerbock is sending a strong signal with another visit to Kiev

Baerbock’s second visit to Ukraine this fall, as Ukrainska Pravda noted, acts as a show of support and solidarity amid political challenges, and as such could reverberate in European diplomatic corridors. A clear sign that Germany and the EU have a firm eye on dialogue and cooperation with Ukraine and want to actively shape it.

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