Because of “Celebrity Big Brother”: Yvonne Woelke taunts Iris Klein

After their separation, Iris and Peter Klein will meet again in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house – reason enough for Yvonne Woelke to take a big swipe at Katzenberger’s mother.

Iris and Peter Klein have been making headlines for months with their separation. After almost 20 years of marriage, they have now gone their separate ways after Iris publicly accused her husband of having an affair with Yvonne Woelke on the sidelines of this year’s jungle camp in Australia. Both deny this, but the Kleins’ marriage was history afterwards.

Since then, sparks have regularly flown between the feuding parties – and possibly soon in front of the cameras. Peter and Iris are both moving into the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. A through pass for Yvonne to taunt Daniela Katzenberger’s mother.

Yvonne Woelke: “It was all planned from Australia until now”

“If this isn’t all planned by the witch, then I’ll eat a broom,” says Yvonne in her Instagram story, apparently alluding to Iris and her entry into the TV container. “It was all planned from Australia until now. And if anyone says anything else about it, then I can’t help you anymore.”

Apparently Iris has been trying to take part in “Celebrity Big Brother” for several years, but has been repeatedly rejected. “And now, thanks to Peter, she’s done it again. “She smuggles her way into every show,” Yvonne is certain.

Jenny Frankhauser: “Notice for yourself, right?”

Iris herself has not yet been able to defend herself against this swipe from Yvonne. According to an Instagram post, Katzenberger’s mom is already in quarantine in preparation for the show and had to give up her cell phone. But instead her daughter Jenny spoke up – and is apparently quite angry about Yvonne’s insulting attack.

In her Instagram story she writes about a photo of her mother: “Exactly! She wanted her husband to cheat after 20 years so that she could finally move into the long-awaited ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house? You notice it yourself, right? (…) I firmly believe that there is no one in this world who would throw away their marriage for a bit of fame. Oh wait, wait a minute…see you! Leave my mother alone!”

Surprise candidate in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house?

If the relationship drama between Yvonne, Iris and Peter gets so heated before the show starts, the viewers in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house can probably expect a lot. It’s possible that it’s not just Iris and Peter who meet there. Apparently Yvonne will also be part of the show as a kind of surprise candidate.

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