Before the trial begins: Gil Ofarim’s lawyers are worried about his safety

Gil Ofarim will have to appear in court in just a few days. However, his lawyers are said to have expressed safety concerns in advance.

Proceedings for defamation and false suspicion against Gil Ofarim will begin in the Leipzig Regional Court on November 7th. The Jewish singer caused a stir in October 2021 with an Instagram video in which he accused a hotel employee of discriminating against him because of a Star of David necklace. After investigations, the public prosecutor’s office now assumes that Gil did not tell the truth and brought charges against him. How “PictureNow reported, his lawyers are said to be worried about their client’s safety before the trial begins.

Gil Ofarim’s lawyers raise security concerns

Accordingly, Gil’s lawyers are said to have written to the regional court and the police in Leipzig. It says: “Jewish people and institutions are currently exposed to a particular risk situation more than usual. This is getting worse day by day given the war in Israel.” Gil has also been the victim of verbal attacks and a physical attack. The lawyers are therefore apparently also concerned about the 41-year-old’s safety in court. “We therefore ask you to inform us in advance of the start of the main hearing what measures will be taken inside and outside the courtroom to protect our client, in particular how our client will be protected on the way to and from the courtroom,” the letter continues.

According to the newspaper, the police in Leipzig are currently checking whether and, if so, what measures will be taken to protect Gil.

Gil Ofarim’s trial was originally scheduled for fall 2022

After charges were brought against Gil in March 2022, his lawyers accused the judge in charge of bias. A little later, the procedure was scheduled for autumn 2022. However, the date was postponed shortly before the trial began. If there is a conviction in the upcoming proceedings, the father of two could even face a prison sentence.

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