Bianca Censori comes from a mafia family

Kanye West reportedly married Bianca Censori earlier this year. Bianca comes from an Italian family that is said to have already made a name for itself in Australia in the mafia tradition.

Bianca Censori (28) is the new woman at the side of scandal rapper Kanye West (46). At the beginning of the year, an informant dropped the bombshell in an interview with “” and revealed that Kanye West, who had recently divorced from entrepreneur Kim Kardashian (42), had already married again: “Kanye and Bianca had a small wedding ceremony,” said the source, adding: “Friends don’t know if it’s legal, but it’s very real to them.” Since then, the couple have been making waves with bizarre appearances, often in Italy. Censori’s family originally comes from there and caused fear and terror in Australia in the best mafia tradition.

As reports, Bianca Censori’s uncle Eris Censori was sentenced to death in 1982. Eris, who had developed a reputation as the “Al Capone of Melbourne,” had been convicted of murdering a waiter. The sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. In 1999, Eris was released on parole.

“Leo” Censori: Bianca’s father was already in prison

Elia “Leo” Censori, Bianca’s father, is also no stranger. He was sentenced to two years in prison for weapons possession and drug trafficking. According to his ex-wife Faye Glascott, he is also said to have played an important role in the Australian gambling business as a cartel member in the 1980s. As Glascott revealed in a 1991 interview, she found tens of thousands of dollars in the family home in Alphington, a suburb of Melbourne.

Bianca Censori’s big brother also has a criminal record

Edmondo, Bianca Censori’s eldest brother, also had to appear in court. He has previous convictions for, among other things, attacking the police, theft and threats. No wonder he was given the nickname “Eddie Capone.”

The family of architect Bianca Censori has caused quite a stir in the past. Today the 28-year-old takes on this role – primarily through raunchy performances.

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