Biden wants a woman to lead the US Navy for the first time

US President Joe Biden has announced that for the first time a woman will lead the US Navy. Lisa Franchetti would be the first woman to hold that post, becoming a member of the US Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. However, it is uncertain whether the Senate in Washington will approve the personnel.

Franchetti has “38 years of dedicated service to our nation,” Biden said. The current vice chief of naval operations is only the second woman to achieve “the rank of four-star admiral in the US Navy” and will “make history again” if her new post is confirmed.

Current Navy chief Mike Gilday’s four-year term ends next month. Franchetti’s appointment as his successor is expected to be blocked by Senator Tommy Tuberville. The Republican has opposed nominations for the US Army for months. He’s protesting the Pentagon’s decision to support servicewomen traveling to have an abortion.

The Senate can approve personnel decisions individually. However, Tuberville’s blockade prevents the Chamber of Congress from quickly putting several new appointments into effect at the same time through a unanimous vote.

Several reassignments in US Army

In his statement, Biden opposed Tuberville’s blockade of more than 200 nominations for high-ranking military posts. Delaying the appointments is “not only wrong – it’s dangerous,” said the US President. “At this time of a rapidly evolving security environment, he is jeopardizing our ability to ensure that the US Army remains the greatest combat force in world history.” Biden added that Tuberville’s Republican colleagues in the Senate were clear.

Should Franchetti not be confirmed in time by the US Senate, she would take over from Gilday as Vice Chief of the Navy. Other top positions in the US Army will also soon be filled. Army Chief of Staff James McConville and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley will soon be replaced.

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