Bill Kaulitz opens up about sex fantasies with Hollywood stars

Together with his twin brother Tom Kaulitz, Bill Kaulitz often talks about very personal topics in the joint podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”. In the latest episode, Bill admitted that he was attracted to Leonardo DiCaprio (49) from an early age. But not only that: he was also impressed by Kate Winslet (48) in the classic film “Titanic”.

He particularly remembers the car scene in which the two main actors get particularly close to each other and the windows fog up from the inside. With this confession, the singer himself literally starts to sweat.

Tom Kaulitz had already been enchanted by Heidi Klum

The two brothers come to the topic when their podcast asks the fan question: “Who was your first celebrity crush that you can remember?” With Tom, it’s clear, says the “Tokio Hotel” singer with a laugh : “Well, anyone who knows Tom’s video knows it was Heidi Klum.” This refers to a clip from 2007 when the then 18-year-old musician – at the time still unmistakable with a lip piercing, cap and dreadlocks – during is looking for Heidi Klum (50) at an event and groans in annoyance when the GNTM boss cannot be found. Tom has been married to Heidi Klum since 2019.

It was different with Bill. “My first celebrity crush – and I mean this seriously – I was torn. “Titanic,” the 34-year-old begins and goes into raptures: “That was, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. But it was also Kate Winslet,” he continues.

Bill Kaulitz admits to “threesome fantasies” with two Hollywood stars

“I thought they were both great,” admits Bill and relives the legendary car scene with Rose and Jack with his twin brother. “Before, I couldn’t decide,” said Bill. “I was already having threesome fantasies.” When he realizes that he must have been around eight years old when “Titanic” came out in 1997, he is surprised to say: “Great, it happened so early That’s what’s going on.” Apparently the idea makes his blood boil quite a bit: “I’m sweating so much, can you see that?” Bill asks his brother jokingly.

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