“Border Crossing”: Renowned documentary filmmaker Andreas Kieling thrown out of reality show

Andreas Kieling traveled to British Columbia for the third season of “7 vs Wild”. But the adventure ended earlier than planned.

For decades, Andreas Kieling has been traveling around the world to shoot exciting animal documentaries. The recordings don’t always run smoothly, it can also be dangerous for Kieling and his crew.

With his experience, Kieling would also be the perfect candidate for a survival show. That’s what the creators of “7 vs Wild” thought, a reality format that gets around 5 million views per episode on YouTube. They invited the wildlife filmmaker to Season 3, together with Joey Kelly, Kieling was supposed to make it through the wilderness of British Columbia. But the plan didn’t work out. On Tuesday (29.8.) a message was published on the “7 vs Wild” Instagram channel that explains why Andreas Kieling will not be seen after all.

Makers throw Kieling out

The “7 vs Wild” story says: “Due to an incident between Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (monkey on bike) and Andreas Kieling during the preparation phase in Canada, we decided to do so before the participants were suspended, but not Andreas Kieling to participate in the third season of ‘7 vs Wild’. It was a transgression that we neither wanted nor could tolerate.”

What exactly happened is not known. Kieling himself did not comment, and Ann-Kathrin Bendixen wrote in her Instastory: “Andreas then apologized to me for the incident. So the topic is currently ticked off for me.”

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