Boris Becker: His son Elias loves a “New York Times” employee

Happiness in love in the Becker family! Elias Becker received numerous congratulations on his 24th birthday, including loving words from his new love Yasmine Dahlberg. On Instagram, the Becker son shares the first pictures with the woman who has conquered his heart.

It wasn’t until 2021 that he received the bizarre title of “England’s most sought-after bachelor” – now Elias Becker, son of tennis legend Boris Becker, is in firm hands. This emerges from an Instagram story that the Becker scion recently shared with his fans. There his girlfriend Yasmine Dahlberg congratulates him on his birthday yesterday (September 4th). “My Birthday Boy,” wrote the pretty university graduate to a photo that shows her and Elias arm in arm.

Boris Becker: son Elias loves “New York Times” employee

Since graduating in sociology from the renowned Columbia University, the new woman has worked alongside Elias Becker as a customer coordinator for the New York Times newspaper. Yasmine Dahlberg is half Swedish, half Haitian and describes herself as follows on her LinkedIn profile: “I’m passionate about technology, entertainment, media strategy, business, photography and podcasting. My academic experience and diverse background have given me a unique perspective that I hope to apply in a dynamic professional environment.”

This is what is known about the relationship so far

Like the 24-year-old, who has been working as a sought-after model for some time, Dahlberg also lives in New York. When exactly it sparked between the two, the two did not (yet) want to reveal. From the stories that Elias shared on the occasion of his birthday party, however, it is clear that Mama Barbara Becker was also able to get to know her youngest son’s new girlfriend. Together with Yasmine, Elias and a friend of the couple, the 56-year-old poses for a happy snapshot.

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