Boris Becker is taking legal action against his wife Lilly

Now Boris Becker (55) is defending himself against his wife Lilly (47). Again “Berlin courier“reported, the tennis star is said to have turned on his lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser.

Previously, Lilly Becker had repeatedly spoken publicly about her life and marriage to Boris, as well as about the separation of the two. So she and her lawyer Patricia Cronemeyer told the “Picture“That the ex-athlete does not take care of his son, does not pay maintenance and delays the divorce.

Boris Becker’s lawyer contradicts statements made by his wife Lilly

Boris Becker’s lawyer is now defending himself against this representation, stating in a press release: “The responsible English family court decided in July 2019 based on the matching applications of both parties that the requirements for the divorce are met (‘decree nisi’). . After just 43 days, each of the spouses had the opportunity to apply to the competent family court for a so-called ‘decree absolute’, which means that the marriage is finally and legally divorced. To date, however, Sharlely Becker has not done so. My client is different, who submitted a corresponding application to the competent court about three weeks ago.”

Lilly Becker “doesn’t let Boris Becker shut her up”

According to the “Kurier”, the lawyer describes the fact that Lilly Becker also speaks in detail about son Amadeus as “obviously intentional or at least grossly negligent.” In doing so, she also violates court orders. “Because of this disregard of court-imposed obligations, Sharlely Becker faces severe fines, in the worst case even imprisonment,” says Christian-Oliver Moser.

However, Lilly Becker has already made it clear that she does not want to be intimidated. To “Pictureshe said: “Boris is a narcissist. A selfish. (…) He is used to controlling and manipulating others. But I won’t be silenced, even though he’s baiting his lawyers on me again.”

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