Boris Becker takes over Konny Reimann’s commercial

After being imprisoned for insolvency offenses, Boris Becker (55) is trying to stabilize himself financially again. The tennis legend has achieved success primarily through advertising contracts. According to “”, the former Wimbledon winner is now the face of a motorhome campaign. Interestingly, Boris is following in the footsteps of “Goodbye Germany” star Konny Reimann (68).

Boris Becker advertises for a used car dealer

For the advertising deal, Boris Becker poses in a checked lumberjack shirt and with his arms crossed in front of an alpine landscape through which a motorhome is roaring. The saying that the used car dealer for motorhomes from Bad Honnef puts into the tennis ace’s mouth is fitting: “Take it somewhere else more often: exactly my thing.” This image might seem familiar to some motorhome fans: but with Konny Reimann as a testimonial .

In fact, Becker secured the job of the iconic emigrant. Previously, Konny Reimann was the face of the company from 2021 until October of this year. The only difference is that the 68-year-old posed in front of the motorhome in a Hawaiian shirt. When asked by “”, Konny Reimann did not reveal how this change came about.

Tennis legend is said to have recently separated from his advisors

It also became known that Boris Becker has apparently already separated from his recently hired advisors. Instead, his girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (34) is said to have taken over the position. The assertive businesswoman has already worked as a risk analyst and managing director of BFB GmbH (Boris Franz Becker), founded in August 2021, with a focus on management consulting. Lilian is now seen as the former tennis star’s unofficial boss. The couple regularly appears together both professionally and privately.

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