Boyko Towers: Strike against Putin’s surveillance – path to the liberation of Crimea now clear?

Ukraine’s capture of the Boyko Towers has disabled a major Russian surveillance station. Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov told the Kyiv Post that this move plays a significant role in the Ukrainian counteroffensive and potentially eases the path to regaining Crimea.

According to Yusov, who spoke exclusively to the Kyiv Post, this development is central to security in the Black Sea region. It also serves to further strengthen Ukrainian control over temporarily occupied territories. While Crimea is still held by Russia, Ukraine has reclaimed its own “control” through various means, including drone strikes. After the recapture of the gas and oil production platform on September 11th, the Ukrainian army has more freedom of movement in the Black Sea region.

High importance of the Bojko towers

The platforms, Yusov reported to the Kyiv Post, not only control significant hydrocarbon resources, but are also strategically important operational bases. The Boyko towers were used by Russia in particular to monitor the movements of Ukrainian troops. Since the Russian occupation in 2014, they have been equipped with advanced equipment such as the Neva radar, allowing the Russian military to monitor areas between Crimea and Odessa.

The platforms B312, “Petro Godovanets”, and B319, “Ukraine”, as well as the oil rigs Tavrida and Syvash were the focus of the Russians and were relocated near Crimea by 2015. Yusov concluded by emphasizing Ukraine’s determination to regain all Russian-occupied territories and stressed that these towers have always been Ukrainian property.

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