Bridgeheads on the eastern bank: Fighting on the Dnipro River intensifies

Britain warns of escalating fighting along the Dnipro as Ukraine expands military operations in the region and Russia strengthens its strategic artillery position.

According to information from Great Britain, fighting is intensifying in the lower part of the Dnipro in Ukraine. The UK Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday that Ukraine is intensifying its military operations in the region and is now establishing small bridgeheads on the eastern bank, which it has dominated since the summer.

Russia’s artillery capabilities near the Dnipro

The Russian military, it is believed, had already prepared for such incidents by moving its troops from the western bank 12 months ago. “There are early indications that Russia has significant artillery assets near the river,” the UK Ministry of Defense announced. Particular reference is made to the newly formed 18th Army of Russia.

Since the outbreak of the Russian attack in Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defense has been providing daily updates on the progress of the conflict. This has led to accusations from Moscow that London is spreading disinformation.

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