Britney Spears’ ex-husband has accused her of drug use

Her ex-husband Kevin Federline has now expressed serious suspicions about Britney Spears. He’s worried about the pop singer and their children together.

Britney Spears (41) was once the “Princess of Pop”. She went through an impressive career, going from child star to pop icon and selling millions of records. She was a real mega star, then the first scandals followed – and finally the crash.

The negative headlines about Britney Spears don’t stop

A few months ago, however, things seemed to be looking up again for the former music star. Because Britney Spears was able to record a success in court. Her father was granted guardianship for her in 2008 and she fought against it for a long time. She was finally right and was able to lead a self-determined life again. But the negative headlines never ended.

Her ex accuses her of drug use: “I prayed that she would wake up”

Quarrels with her family, allegations from ex-partners, problems with her two children Jayden and Preston (16 and 17), revealing pictures on social media – the list is long. Now her ex-husband Kevin Federline (45) spoke again. And he said disturbing things about the famous mother of his children who don’t want to see their mother, like “

He spoke to Daphne Barak as part of a documentary. She accompanied the Spears family over a longer period of time and collected impressions – and assessments of the condition of Britney Spears.

Kevin Federline said of his former love: “I’m afraid she’s on meth. I’ve been praying that someone will make it public and that she will wake up.” Her father James Spears (70) even fears that she, like the famous singer Amy Winehouse († 27) could die early drug death. Daphne Barak also sees “disturbing parallels” between the two women.

Kevin Federline always fears “terrible news” about his ex

Kevin Federline upped the ante: “Every time the phone rings, I’m afraid there’s going to be terrible news,” he admitted in an interview. He reported that Britney Spears also stood at his son’s room door one night with a knife. For many fans, Britney’s Instagram posts are often worrying.

Britney Spears’ sons don’t want to see her

The situation is certainly stressful for the children of the former pop princess. However, not wanting to meet her has nothing to do with anger or disappointment, as Daphne Barak explained: “Jayden and Preston have told me that they are not angry, they are just concerned for their well-being and desperate for their well-being gets the help she thinks she needs.”

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