Britons reveal reason why Tottenham are rejecting all Bayern offers

The next no to the transfer of Harry Kane. According to consistent media reports, Tottenham rejected the latest Bayern offer. Now it has become known why the Spurs are dissatisfied with the 100 million offer.

As several German and English media reported on Monday, Tottenham Hotspur also rejected FC Bayern’s third offer for Harry Kane. According to the British Telegraph, however, this is not due to the amount of the fee, but rather to the payment modalities.

According to the Telegraph, Spurs’ Daniel Levy has not accepted the offer as he wants most of Kane’s money upfront. In plain language: The Spurs boss wants to keep the proportion of variable bonus payments as low as possible.

Will FC Bayern improve its offer again?

According to reports, FC Bayern has offered a fixed base fee of almost 95 million euros. Bonus payments can increase the sum to more than 100 million euros.

Bayern are now faced with the decision of whether they are ready to restructure their offer. This means that Munich would apparently no longer have to improve the amount of the transfer fee.

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