Came to the country for maintenance: now Ukraine is collecting Russian Antonov An-140s

A Russian Antonov An-140 arrived in Ukraine for maintenance before the start of the war. Now the government in Kiev is confiscating the plane.

The plane is apparently on the balance sheet of the Russian state-owned company Rostec, as Ukrainian investigators have discovered. However, the Russian Air Force or Russian Navy are likely to be the operators. But the Antonov An-140 will no longer take off for them.

Before the Russian attack, the aircraft had been transferred to Antonov in Ukraine for maintenance and overhaul. Now the Ukrainian state states it. According to the country’s security service, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has granted an application to nationalize the Antonov An-140.

Ukraine nationalizes Russian Antonov An-140 – investigation against Rostec

The reason: The security service is investigating Rostec under Article 110-2 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, which deals with the financing of actions aimed at changing the territory or state border of Ukraine. the Russian tech giant also makes weapons that Russia uses to attack Ukraine. According to the authority, the An-140 has a value of around 3.7 million euros.

In January, Ukraine had already confiscated two Russian-owned planes.

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