Cat in the helicopter: deserted Russian pilot reveals abuses

A Russian pilot who recently defected to Ukraine has exposed shocking abuses in the Russian military. From transporting pet cats to neglecting their soldiers, read the inside story here.

Maxim Kuzminov, the former Russian helicopter pilot who recently defected to Ukraine, recounted in an interview the behavior of senior Russian military commanders who, he said, “live for their own pleasure.” A quirky anecdote concerns the use of two military helicopters to transport a commander’s pet cat. Kuzminov reminded that despite the waste of resources and fuel, the Russian Air Force has a shortage of trained pilots.

The disproportionate actions of the Russian commanders are just one example of their indifference to their subordinates. Kuzminov describes a culture in which Russian soldiers feel abandoned and commanders have “problems of their own”. The New Voice of Ukraine also reports that on August 23, Kuzminov landed a Russian Mi-8 helicopter in Poltava Oblast and handed it over to Ukraine. This was part of a six-month operation by Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Service.

Helicopter handed over to Ukraine

In addition to handing over the helicopter, Kuzminov also provided spare parts for the Su-27 and Su-30 fighter jets. After Kuzminov and his family were evacuated from Russia, they now live in Ukraine. The New Voice of Ukraine adds that since relocating, he has publicly encouraged other Russian pilots to follow his example.

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